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Our goal is to offer service and support for vintage Moto Guzzi motorcycles in the Minneapolis & St. Paul area. Dan Puzi has years of work on Guzzi's and other motorcycles as well as keeping busy as a aircraft mechanic. He has a small fleet of Guzzi's and has offered parts services to the local Guzzi community for years. He can take your bike and We are setup to do anything from changing oil and setting valves to replacing leaking seals and gaskets to changing clutches and engine work. Don't let a leaking Guzzi ruin your garage, and no more need to spend hours on your back trying to do a oil change and dropping the pan to replace the filter. We can take care of all of that for you, and keep your bike in running condition.

We can also replace clutches, fix transmissions, and dig further in to replace bearings if needed. Some people leave issues like this for a winter project that never gets started, or for their kids to get old enough to help with, we can do this for you and get your bike back going again.

We also offer machine shop services and can do valves and other head work, lighten flywheels, and resurface flywheels and clutch parts. There are a number of things on these old bikes that can or should be done at this point. Heads need to be gone though on these old bikes as the guides get loose with age. The old flywheels in some models are more heavy or just as heavy as some cars, and can be put on a diet to get some better performance. Sometimes cylinders go out and need to be replaced or re-done. We can do all that either in house or with local partners and get your bike going again.


Please contact us with any questions or to get a quote. | Or call Dan at 651-276-9353


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